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Adult Education Course

Provide a benefit that will last a lifetime

We help you attract and retain employees by offering financial education. Our classes will empower your employees by providing them with knowledge to be more financially savvy and financially healthy.

Financially healthy employees are less stressed, more productive, and less likely to leave. This allows you to build a better company culture and increase your revenue.1 2

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Already offer a retirement plan and other financial benefits?

Great! Our classes are designed to supplement existing benefits. We find that engagement in our classes is higher than engagement in traditional benefits - which can increase your employees' participation in your current offerings.

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"The Psychology Department had Sparks Financial Education come speak to our graduate students and it was a great experience.  I received verbal and written communication about the value of this workshop.  The graduate students appreciated the down to earth way that Brad spoke about financial well being and truly valued gaining some skills around this area!  I would highly recommend this to other graduate programs!"

"Relevant, Informative, Reality Check. Knowledge to help build a good future, and information that should make up your core."

"We were looking for an amazing professional with the knowledge and skills in financial education to speak to our staff, and we found just that with Sparks Financial Education.  Brad's presentation was not only thorough, it also got our employees really thinking about how they were investing, how they were saving and where they were spending their money.  They walked away with the tools needed to make the right choices for their individual situations. We are so glad we chose Sparks Financial Education and we look forward to having Brad back again soon!"

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We have worked with many other companies and groups. If you want to know more about past work, contact us below.

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On-site Workshop

A couple days to a week long offering to provide on-site classes, a town hall style meeting, and one-on-one teaching sessions.

Quarterly Classes

Our most popular offering.

Regular classes every quarter covering relevant financial topics.


Min. 5 and Max.100 attendees

College Curriculum

Curriculum created to offer students with the option for on-site workshops and one-on-one teaching sessions.

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Meet The Team


Brad Sparks

Brad owns Sparks Financial Education, is a partner at a private financial planning firm, and is a part-time faculty member at Colorado State University. He is the primary educator and curriculum creator for Sparks Financial Education.


Angela Sparks

Angela is a retired executive from State Farm. She now lives in Colorado near Brad and his family. She assists in teaching and coordinating classes and other services for Sparks Financial Education.

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