In 2016, I, the SFE founder, started a financial advising practice. That was because I felt that good, unbiased, accessible financial help was not easy to find. Being a scientist, I examined dozens of organizations saying they would "help in a holistic manner"; "listen to you and create a plan for you"; "help you build confidence in your future"; etc.


Upon examination, I found they were either exclusive to wealthy individuals, a sales organization trying to sell their product to anyone and everyone regardless of it was suitable, or give advice in just one financial area and claimed to handle everything. I began my own practice to be different and to create what I felt was missing.


During the last three years (and still ongoing), I have built a practice based on the principles of being unbiased, accessible, versatile. However, I also realized that while meeting with an advisor is important, it is not for everyone. A lot of people like to do things on their own, others do not have the money required to pay someone to be an unbiased guide in their financial lives. Also a sound advising practice is a good first step, but it is hard to change an entire industry with it.


Therefore, I created SFE to change how the industry operates. Sparks Financial Education is meant to be a place where people...


• can get actionable answers to their questions.

• do not have to be skeptical of what they are reading because of hidden compensation models.

• can achieve their financial goals and create new confidence in themselves.

• have a multitude of resources at their disposal should they want to find trustworthy, professional help.

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