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"We were looking for an amazing professional with the knowledge and skills in financial education to speak to our staff, and we found just that with Sparks Financial Education.  Brad's presentation was not only thorough, it also got our employees really thinking about how they were investing, how they were saving and where they were spending their money.  They walked away with the tools needed to make the right choices for their individual situations. We are so glad we chose Sparks Financial Education and we look forward to having Brad back again soon!"

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"The Psychology Department had Brad Sparks (with Sparks Financial Education) come speak to our graduate students and it was a great experience.  I received verbal and written communication about the value of this workshop.  The graduate students appreciated the down to earth way that Brad spoke about financial well being and truly valued gaining some skills around this area!  I would highly recommend this to other graduate programs!"

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"Relevant, Informative, Reality Check, Knowledge to help build a good future, and information that should make up your core."